Monthly Archives: April 2007


The Key

I have felt my heart being ripped out of my chest and my body so numb from the pain,

My legs were too weak to walk and words could not possibly explain…

The sorrow, the hurt, and the sadness that my heart, my body and my soul have felt I hope never to feel again.

I have been scared of my own failures, and scared of what may or may not come.

I have been lost and confused and darkness surrounded me at every turn.

Oh my God! I have been so completely alone…

The lack of love, the lack of sleep, so filled with pain, I could not see…

I cried to You God, please help me, please!

I could dance alone, but I want to follow Your lead!

Then one day, I came to peace,

I gave up on everything, except my faith.

I still get a little crazy. I still get a little sad.

I might cry a little sometimes, but I have You by my side.

I no longer worry because what I do know

Is that You have the answers and You know the way

You will protect me and I will try not to stray

I am just human, what can I say?

I ask that You show me how I can share

This intimate knowledge of Your love that I bear.

Some might think I’m crazy but I do not care.

Faith is the answer and love is the key,

Just stop your worrying, God said, “Follow me”

And so there you have it… the secret to me.

I choose to be happy. I’m grateful to be

Part of your life because He sent you to me.