Monthly Archives: May 2010

Those You Left Behind

Your time on earth was not enough

To satisfy a mother’s love

I want to hold you, keep you near

I want to bring you back to me my dear


Do you know I loved you before I met you?

You owned my heart before I held you in my arms

Do you know I would have traded places with you

Just to have you here one more day?


A father is supposed to always be strong

He protects and fends off all who cause us harm

Was I a good father to you?, I do implore

If I was, why are you now knocking on heaven’s door?


I wanted to protect you, I wanted to be strong

All I want right now is to hold you in my arms

I’m sobbing like a child now, my heart is broken too

I wanted to protect you, but now what can I do?


I’m much too young to understand

Why God took you by the hand

We could have grown up together,

You could have been my best friend


One day I will look back, ask mom and dad about you

I will always know a piece of my heart is missing

Because you took it to heaven with you

I know you will watch over me, I know angels are true

You are my sweet angel now, but don’t think I’m not missing you