Happy 32nd Birthday RJ Rady

Yesterday was your birthday my sweet sunflower eyes. If only you were here to celebrate it. Seven years ago I met you and you turned my world inside out. From the moment I laid eyes on you, you had me. I was yours for the taking. Oh how I loved everything about you. You made me laugh. You made me cry. You gave me the most intense, unconditional love this world has ever known. You were the oxygen I needed to breathe. You were THE ONE who made my heart beat.

Seven years my sweet love seems like a lifetime and a half. Regardless of how little time we had to share on this earth together, you live in my memories, my heart and my soul. I celebrate the day of your birth every year… Silently… Alone… Without you.

As my eyes swell up with tears remembering the life force that you were and my heart still longs for you, I am happy to have had you in my life at all. When I share the story of us, I relive it time and time again. I am filled with joy and with happiness. My sweet beautiful man. I will forever love you. You are the one who set the bar so high. My sweet golden sunflower eyes, I will dream of you until I die. Happy birthday my love. Rest in peace until I arrive and we will turn heaven upside down.



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