I Dream Of A Love So True

It’s that sweet kiss
It’s that loving stare
That is what I miss
Nothing can compare

When the skies are grey
When the skies are blue
I miss everything about you

To travel through this life alone
It’s an emptiness
Without you I have grown
I dare to dream of a love so true
And still each day that passes
I am still without you

I long to feel a lovers embrace
A kind caress
Sweet kisses on my face
The way you loved the way I wore my dress
The loving words you whispered nothing can replace
The way you passed fingers through my hair
I never ever felt despair

Each day that passes
I dream of a better time
I don’t care if I’m sought after by the masses
To live without love should be a crime

As I close my eyes tonight
I’ll dream of you and those sweet green eyes
I long to have you in my sight
I hate the way you said goodbye
For you’re the only one who ever loved
This wretched girl and all her flaws
I dream my dream and it’s still you
I still dream of a love so true



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