I Remember You <3

As the seventh anniversary of your passing approaches, you have been on my mind. This is some of what I remember.

I remember your beautiful sunflower eyes. They were such a beautiful green with gold speckles that reminded me of sunflowers. I was always in awe when I looked into them. I remember how perfect your skin was. Truly flawless. I loved how much more beautiful you were than me. I remember your lips. They were so full and soft and gentle. Only the sweetest words and kisses escaped them. I remember how strong you were and how I always felt so protected in your arms. I remember being amazed at your perfectly round behind. It was quite impressive! I remember falling in love to the sound of you breathing. I remember your laugh… It was full and genuine.

I remember the day we met. Just like a scene in a movie, you walked into the Marina Cafe and like a thief, you stole my heart. I remember your favorite numbers were 7 & 13. I remember the chili pepper tattoo on your behind because you had a hot ass. Oh my gosh you were so ridiculous… and I loved every bit of your ridiculousness. I remember your neck and that you had it grafted to cover up your tattoo so you could join the Marine Corps because you didn’t want to wait to have it removed. I remember sitting on a bench outside in North Carolina. It was night and we were so so cold but I just wanted to stay on your lap. We talked endlessly, looking at the stars. I loved the sound of your voice and your arms wrapped around me.

I remember trying to watch Kill Bill and having to restart it three or four times before we finally gave up. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we never did get to see it at all. I remember sitting by the fire at Robbie’s house thinking you two looked like brothers.

I remember you serenading me to Marvin Gaye in the Bank of America parking lot in Florida. I was a little nervous because it was night and I thought that maybe a cop would drive by and think we were breaking in. I thought my heart was going to burst because that was one of the most movie quality, romantic moments of my life. I had never been so in love.

I remember Bay Front Park. We were standing in the popcorn line and that couple left because we were so in love they couldn’t stand it. I remember visiting you in the hospital and the guy on your floor saying he hoped to one day be as in love as we were.

 I remember lunch at the marina. Budweiser not Bud Light and quoting Good Will Hunting. I remember watching you perform Mustang Sally and how you were the only person that got a standing ovation. That was the night we met and I was so proud of you. Weird, huh?

I remember you taking a nap with my nephew Ian. You were so good with kids. I knew you would be a great dad if only you had the chance. I remember you dancing and singing always… at the O House with Dee, at my cousin Greta’s house, at your dad’s house… anywhere you could really. I don’t think I’d ever met anyone so completely in love with life. I hope you are still dancing and singing up there.

I remember driving up to the Texas Roadhouse to meet Jess. I already knew I was completely in love with you but we hadn’t said the words. Sitting in that parking lot was nerve racking. Then you said, “I think I’m in love with you” and sweeter words could not exist. We walked in and announced that we were going to get married. Just like that.

I remember when you proposed. It was a month and a half after we met. I pretty much hadn’t seen you since we met. Like the movies when the girl meets the soldier and he’s deployed the next day and they don’t see each other for months or years… only to be reunited and completely in love. That’s what it reminded me of, except I’m the one that had to leave. When you told me you were coming down to Florida, I was waiting for you at the Red Roof Inn, thinking how absolutely insane we were. I left the key at the front for you in case I fell asleep. Good thing because I woke up to you kissing my forehead. I thought I was in a dream. That weekend we met my friends and family at Hooters Beachside. You took me for a walk on the beach so we could be alone and when you dropped down on one knee, I was so completely overwhelmed by you. I just wanted to hug and kiss you. The tears were flowing and I had never been more in love. I remember how completely full my heart was every single day. Being with you brought me so much joy, I thought I would burst every single day. I remember thinking just how lucky I was to have you that I would tear up from happiness on a regular basis.

I remember how crazy everyone thought we were… and we were. But I will never regret giving my heart to you and taking that chance to love you the way a man and woman should love each other. You know the thing I loved about us best was that we did things on our terms and our rules. We let our hearts guide us nothing else. We paid attention to the details. We had faith in our love.

Finally, I remember you.

I leave you with this song. It’s a perfect fit for today and to celebrate your Irish half. I suppose it was till death do us part but I will love you till the end.