Monthly Archives: October 2014

Reminder To Keep My Heart Open

I don’t understand how people can close themselves up to love. How they can push it so far away. We’ve all been hurt, but isn’t the hope of love ingrained in our souls? In the core of our very being?
I grew up learning how to fight. I learned at a young age about betrayal and anger and vengeance. I knew I didn’t want to live with that in my heart every day. It took years of work and lots of heartache, but I choose every day to keep my heart open… to be vulnerable… to be loving and kind. I choose not to give up on love… Whether it be from family or friends or a significant other.
Unfortunately, love has not been so kind. Most everyone I love deeply has been torn out of my life in one way or another. In spite of that, I know that if I build walls to keep the pain and hurt out, those walls will also keep love and happiness from coming in. It’s scary, but I’d rather take the chance of getting hurt, if only to experience that sweet taste of love one more time.