Happy Birthday – RJ’s 33rd

Happy birthday RJ. Today you would have been 33.

I hope you’re up in heaven
Smiling down at me
It’s been quite the journey
Lots ups and downs
I keep you in my memory
Never with a frown
You taught me many lessons
You filled my heart with joy
To me you were a blessing
You never treated me like a toy
You made me feel so cherished
Your affections were never coy
You were playful and sincere
I remember when we shared
Our first glass of beer
Sitting by the creek
In those awful little chairs
We were quoting old movies
Laughing through it all
You were filled with with so much beauty
We had such a ball
Even when we struggled
Through the depths we would have crawled
I’m happy that I had you
For the short time that I did
Hope was once renewed
And the fear of which you rid
Enriched my life completely
Loving you completely
Was one thing right I did.