My Gift

When I saw you
In the depths of all your darkness
You made me believe in love again
I felt myself in you
And reminisce of days long gone
When I was where you are
Days I’d never go back to
But I’d go back there for you
To hold your hand
And walk through that with you
I dreamed of dreams
They seem so far away
You made me believe in life again
I knew that I could make it through
With or without you
My foundation is solid
My will is strong
But to you I wanted to hold on
And even though we parted ways
I’ll dream of you for all my days
You touched my heart
You breathed my soul
I have you pumping through my veins
Before you I was fine
Now I’m torn, not quite divine
You’re gone, you’re gone
I cannot bring you back
My heart is broken
My heart is whole
My love for you
Has no control
Although I lost one great love
To have the chance to love you
Was a gift from above