Monthly Archives: October 2015


I will not change who I am because of others. I will not lose myself in the hatred of others. I will believe in magic and fairy tales. I will have hope in hopeless situations. I will have faith when it’s so easy to be faithless. I will love when my heart is broken. I will be every cliché that people warn against. I will jump in rather than dip my toes in the water and put all my eggs in one basket.

Why? Because if you allow this beautifully heartbreaking life to break you, to pump fear into your veins, to give life to your insecurities, to create walls where there should be walkways, to make you give up on miracles, to steal your happiness and sunshine, then you are nothing more than an empty shell. Your soul will die before your body does.

I will take risks that may break my heart, but I will be fully alive while I am breathing.