Perfect Mom

When I had my kids, there were plenty of those “perfect” moms that had perfect keepsake books and perfect homes. Those moms who remember every detail of every thing that has happened throughout their pregnancies to births to the present. Not me. I still have to check the birth certificates to remember the time of births. I have never been one of those moms.

Adrian relaxing in a tree

Relaxing in a tree

I didn’t buy my kids video games. I let them play outside without hovering over them. There were many years that I couldn’t afford to enroll them in sports or dance or art classes, but I made sure that we got lots of play time.

Swimming with sting rays

Swimming with sting rays

My kids learned to ride bikes, skateboard, climb, swim, surf, draw – even if it was sometimes on the furniture or the wall. My kids learned to be creative. They learned to be independent, bold, adventurous, and experimental. I encouraged them to try new things.

Adrian surfing in Flordia

Nice day to surf

Although I may not have been a “perfect” mom with a perfect memory of all of my children’s milestones and my perfect memory books, we do have this… countless memories of laughing and getting down on the ground, playing with my kids. We have road trips and adventures that we shared while checking off bucket list items. We have memories of laughing and hugging and lots of I love you’s.












I was not the perfect mom and I do not have perfect kids and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Downtown Nashville Tennessee

Inspired by the article What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside) by Jen Hatmaker.