Harambe Killed So Let’s Lock Up The Mom?

Think about this…

We take wild animals and rip them away from their families and lock them up for our entertainment as we destroy their homes.

Then, when a child manages to get away from its parents and puts himself in a dangerous situation, we want to lock up and shoot the parents.

This is so fucked.

If the animal were a human, we would call that slavery. What on earth makes us think that we have the right to treat animals as if they were here to serve us? As if their families, their homes, their needs were less valuable than our own?
Yes, I’ve been to zoos before, ignorant of how inhumane most of them truly are. These days, I don’t go. If there is a habitat or a rescue facility that helps displaced or injured animals, then great. But to put an animal on display for our entertainment, while we destroy its home and it’s family is totally screwed up.

To the people who are ready to lock up the parents and throw away they key. Maybe you are a “perfect” parent who’s child has never strayed and you have never lost track of your kid, but I can’t pretend that I am perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe you don’t have kids, but you assume you would be such a “perfect” parent… that you would always know every move your child makes. Let me tell you, you won’t. Im sure you think your kid is “perfect” too. He’d never stray away because your kid will always listen to you. Good luck with that.

Stop throwing stones people. Your house is made of glass. My kids are thankfully 21 and 19 years old. As proud as I am to say that, they have gotten lost. I’ve had my heart sink into my chest when my son hid in the clothing rack of the department store, or he went for a bike ride and lost track of time, or when I was walking with my kids and my daughter stopped to look at something in a store window which led to her separating from us. That does not mean I was a horrible parent who deserved to be locked away or shot to death. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t care about my kids or that I was too busy worrying about myself to worry about what my kids were doing. Things happen to all us.

Unless the parents threw the kid in with the gorilla while kicking back a few cold ones, please shut up. They are already feeling guilty and worrying about their kid. They don’t need “perfect” people telling them that they are horrible, worthless parents.

How about this…

How about if we stop supporting zoos that are ripping these beautiful wild animals away from their homes and families for our entertainment? Go support a rescue facility instead.

How about we stop behaving as if we are better than the person next to us just because we didn’t make the same mistake they did. Stop comparing each other and start supporting each other. If you really are that much better of a parent or person for that matter, you’d shut your higher than thou mouth up and offer words of support and love rather than condemnation. Show empathy. Start thinking like a village.

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” John 8:7