Monthly Archives: July 2016

To Serve And Protect

So here’s the thing… Are there good cops? Sure there are. However, if you are a “good” cop & you witness another cop abusing power and being violent, and you don’t do anything to stop them or report them, you are part of the problem. Hold cops to the same standards of the law that you would hold a citizen.

Should cops be expected to solve all of society’s problems? Hell no. I don’t need you in my living room, my bedroom, my kids’ schools, etc. I do need you to show up when someone’s life is in danger and try to diffuse the situation. So basically, if someone is breaking into my home, trying to rape or murder someone, by all means jump in and do your job (and try to avoid killing or permanently injuring them except as a last resort)… Do not shoot a kid because he has a hoodie or an adult because he’s homeless. Don’t taser someone who is in handcuffs. Don’t beat someone into paralysis. Don’t do the things that you would arrest someone else for. Serve and protect and minimize the damage, don’t add to it.

Do I care about some cops dancing at the neighborhood block party? No. I don’t. I care that they do their job – serve and protect – and that they don’t abuse their power. Do you see any other profession desperately trying so hard to be liked by society? No, except maybe politicians. You know why? Bc most other professions do not cause such harm to society and that is what we are so angry about. I don’t want my tax dollars to go to a cop who is doing the running man or shooting a kid with a toy gun. I want them to go to a cop that is catching a serial killer, a rapist, or a murderer. Do your job humanely and you won’t have to prove that you’re a human being.

Remember… We have hard days too. We work hard to earn a living to take care of our families just like you. Treat people with the same respect you expect. It’s simple.