Monthly Archives: September 2016

On Single Parenting

Seriously though… I was a young mom and became a young single mom pretty freaking quick… Now I’m a young grandma and an empty nester. My life is full and wonderful.
Maybe I had my kids young and maybe you wouldn’t have done things the way I did, and that’s ok, but I’d never look at an older parent and say, “you’re too old to have kids at your age”… the way people seem to feel like they have the right to say to young parents.
I didn’t do things the way you did. My path was mine to travel, as is yours. Rather than shame young parents, why not be supportive? Who the hell are you to judge when it is the right time for me or anyone to do things in my/their life? You do not have that right. It took me so much longer to accomplish certain things in my life, not so much because I had a family to consider, but more so because I had countless people looking down at me, being judgmental and telling me everything that was wrong in my decision to be a young mom.
Start becoming part of a supporting and loving society instead of passing judgement. If all you do is judge, you’re worse than the young parent that chose to be responsible for their actions.