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Bucket List Adventures: “O” by Cirque du Soleil



I have wanted to see O by Cirque du Soleil since I first arrived in Las Vegas in 2001. This year, I finally went to see it with two of my English friends, Richard and Rob. It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking… so much more than I could have ever imagined. From beginning to end, my jaw was on the floor. Everything from the man on fire to the artists who dive 80 feet into the abyss, while swinging on a ship in the air… I mean really, there is nothing that didn’t astound me. These performers are truly incredible. Anyone who has the opportunity to see this show, absolutely should.

Bucket List Adventures: Spend New Years on the Las Vegas Strip

It is true, I have gone to the La Vegas strip maybe two or three times for New Year celebrations past… however, none were quite like this one. One year, we went down and drank the night away in some over crowded, over priced, pretentious nightclub in our sardine-like VIP area. Another year, we opted for a more open atmosphere inside the Circus Circus. It still took an eternity to get a drink or some food, but it was better than being stuffed inside a nightclub. Then there was the time, we decided to avoid all the drunken debauchery all together and we sat in the parking lot of Mandalay to watch the fireworks and then make our easy escape back to the suburbs.


This year, however, was like no other. I met with my friends from across the pond for a deliciously sinful dinner at STACK and stuffed our faces with a filet so tender, it was melting in my mouth, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, which we then washed down with Santa Margherita pinot grigio and finished off with a mouth watering crème brûlée. While dinner was great, what was to come was even better. After dinner, we had a cocktail at Portofino and then made our way to the party.

We truly didn’t know what to expect and were happily surprised to find that we were at a VIP only, Gatsby-esque style party. The entertainers sang and danced to modern songs with a nostalgic twist. They took photos with the guests to memorialize their existence in this epic event. Among the giveaways were the typical New Year light up glasses and champagne bubble party favors… but even better than that, were the pinstripe fedora hats, vintage feather hair headbands, boas and pearl necklaces so that we could also be in theme. It was such a blast to dance the night away right there, next to the volcano and right on the strip. I am so glad I went. It was truly a fabulous way to begin the year.