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You Threw It All Away

She gave you all she had

You threw it all away

She wanted to be there for you

You made her a punching bag instead

She showed you love and kindness

You showed her how to walk away

She wanted you heart

She wanted your time

You showed her to be selfish

You showed her to be gone


Love In Such A Way

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free”
Thich Nhat Hanh


Love in such a way that she feels free to be who she is

Love in such a way that she feels safe

Love in such a way that when she tells you all her secrets, she knows they will be protected, not used against her

Love in such a way that her past will not impede her future

Love in such a way that she can stumble and fall into your arms

Love in such a way that when the world is crumbling around her, you are her protection

Love in such a way that to her, you are home

Love in such a way that she sees herself in your eyes

Love in such a way that you are who she dreams of

Love in such a way that her dreams come true

Love in such a way that she always knows that she is yours


hurricane tree

Hurricane You

You came into my life like a tropical storm

The notion of you would soon have me transformed

Your strong winds swayed me

Swept away I would be

In the beginning, I was just dancing in your rain

Pretty soon, I was drowning in my pain

I love you I hate you

I want you Go away

Take me with you Just stay just stay

Remember the good times Can’t forget the bad

You make me so happy You make me so sad

Over time you grew and you grew

Now I’m lost in Hurricane You




My Gift

When I saw you
In the depths of all your darkness
You made me believe in love again
I felt myself in you
And reminisce of days long gone
When I was where you are
Days I’d never go back to
But I’d go back there for you
To hold your hand
And walk through that with you
I dreamed of dreams
They seem so far away
You made me believe in life again
I knew that I could make it through
With or without you
My foundation is solid
My will is strong
But to you I wanted to hold on
And even though we parted ways
I’ll dream of you for all my days
You touched my heart
You breathed my soul
I have you pumping through my veins
Before you I was fine
Now I’m torn, not quite divine
You’re gone, you’re gone
I cannot bring you back
My heart is broken
My heart is whole
My love for you
Has no control
Although I lost one great love
To have the chance to love you
Was a gift from above


Happy Birthday – RJ’s 33rd

Happy birthday RJ. Today you would have been 33.

I hope you’re up in heaven
Smiling down at me
It’s been quite the journey
Lots ups and downs
I keep you in my memory
Never with a frown
You taught me many lessons
You filled my heart with joy
To me you were a blessing
You never treated me like a toy
You made me feel so cherished
Your affections were never coy
You were playful and sincere
I remember when we shared
Our first glass of beer
Sitting by the creek
In those awful little chairs
We were quoting old movies
Laughing through it all
You were filled with with so much beauty
We had such a ball
Even when we struggled
Through the depths we would have crawled
I’m happy that I had you
For the short time that I did
Hope was once renewed
And the fear of which you rid
Enriched my life completely
Loving you completely
Was one thing right I did.

Dancing Naked

I hope you’re dancing naked
Running around wild and free
I hope you’re serenading the angels
Being the man I’ve always known you to be
I hope you look down at me smiling
Knowing that I’m moving on
I hope you’re proud of what I’ve been doing
Since the day that you’ve been gone
I hope that you are happy
Free from the these earthly bounds
I hope to see your sunflower eyes
When I close my eyes at night
I hope to feel your arms around me
If only just one more time
I hope you’re loving other angels
I hope you’re not alone
I hope you feel nothing less than joy
I hope you love me still
I hope to see you when it’s my turn
I hope you’ll remember me
I hope I’ll always remember you
I hope I’ll always have you in my heart
I hope you’ll visit me in my dreams
I hope that you are peaceful
I hope you feel no pain
I hope that you are welcomed
I hope you’ve found a home
I hope you’re proud of what I’ve been doing
Since the day that you’ve been gone
I hope you look down at me smiling
Knowing that I’m moving on
I hope you’re serenading the angels
Being the man I’ve always known you to be
I hope you’re dancing naked
Running around wild and free

I Dream Of A Love So True

It’s that sweet kiss
It’s that loving stare
That is what I miss
Nothing can compare

When the skies are grey
When the skies are blue
I miss everything about you

To travel through this life alone
It’s an emptiness
Without you I have grown
I dare to dream of a love so true
And still each day that passes
I am still without you

I long to feel a lovers embrace
A kind caress
Sweet kisses on my face
The way you loved the way I wore my dress
The loving words you whispered nothing can replace
The way you passed fingers through my hair
I never ever felt despair

Each day that passes
I dream of a better time
I don’t care if I’m sought after by the masses
To live without love should be a crime

As I close my eyes tonight
I’ll dream of you and those sweet green eyes
I long to have you in my sight
I hate the way you said goodbye
For you’re the only one who ever loved
This wretched girl and all her flaws
I dream my dream and it’s still you
I still dream of a love so true

Those You Left Behind

Your time on earth was not enough

To satisfy a mother’s love

I want to hold you, keep you near

I want to bring you back to me my dear


Do you know I loved you before I met you?

You owned my heart before I held you in my arms

Do you know I would have traded places with you

Just to have you here one more day?


A father is supposed to always be strong

He protects and fends off all who cause us harm

Was I a good father to you?, I do implore

If I was, why are you now knocking on heaven’s door?


I wanted to protect you, I wanted to be strong

All I want right now is to hold you in my arms

I’m sobbing like a child now, my heart is broken too

I wanted to protect you, but now what can I do?


I’m much too young to understand

Why God took you by the hand

We could have grown up together,

You could have been my best friend


One day I will look back, ask mom and dad about you

I will always know a piece of my heart is missing

Because you took it to heaven with you

I know you will watch over me, I know angels are true

You are my sweet angel now, but don’t think I’m not missing you


The Key

I have felt my heart being ripped out of my chest and my body so numb from the pain,

My legs were too weak to walk and words could not possibly explain…

The sorrow, the hurt, and the sadness that my heart, my body and my soul have felt I hope never to feel again.

I have been scared of my own failures, and scared of what may or may not come.

I have been lost and confused and darkness surrounded me at every turn.

Oh my God! I have been so completely alone…

The lack of love, the lack of sleep, so filled with pain, I could not see…

I cried to You God, please help me, please!

I could dance alone, but I want to follow Your lead!

Then one day, I came to peace,

I gave up on everything, except my faith.

I still get a little crazy. I still get a little sad.

I might cry a little sometimes, but I have You by my side.

I no longer worry because what I do know

Is that You have the answers and You know the way

You will protect me and I will try not to stray

I am just human, what can I say?

I ask that You show me how I can share

This intimate knowledge of Your love that I bear.

Some might think I’m crazy but I do not care.

Faith is the answer and love is the key,

Just stop your worrying, God said, “Follow me”

And so there you have it… the secret to me.

I choose to be happy. I’m grateful to be

Part of your life because He sent you to me.